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        The need for the Hyper-local Search Engine.

        The vision was to replace awful industry practices, like unforgiving delivery App commissions and overpriced, with a complete experience, from the hyper-local Engine through to instant delivery.

        After combining a couple of the best inventions in the last 100 years... sharing economy, virtualisation and the internet. We built the Hyper-local Search Engine to help the sharing economy from the much less-evolved delivery apps and their ludicrous commission model on the vendors.

        With almost all the food ordering platforms charge unforgiving commissions or some form of hidden charges on every order processed and delivered. 

        We take a whole stack of Aussie ingenuity and know-how, combine in magically our cutting-edge tech solutions with strong care to fix the Gig Economy, and deliver to the world with our trademark kimbosabe spirit.

        Our no-commission business model means we can offer the most powerful technology to get you online and help you earn money on every online order.



        Pivoting to survive? kimbosabe is the way.

        Among restaurants, many of them totally new to takeout and delivery, have attempted to make that leap already, deciding to go platform-free. That means keeping more of their profits and maintaining their own delivery fleet.

        The Hyper-local Search Engine with the attributes and its benefits helps the local small and medium businesses and their beloved customers to have the rich online experience without any compromise at any given location.

        Sign up for a free license to get listed on the Hyper-local Search Engine. Once you have listed, you will have access to your online store manager and the state-of-the-art delivery orchestrator.

        The rise in your sales metrics

        With the enormous growth of the hyper-local search engine, we are supporting the local businesses to get online at any given location in Australia. Majority of them who saw e-commerce as a threat to their business is ready to take a stand with the evolving market trends which assist them to sustain and serve their customer with a much brighter and foreseeable future.

        Support yourself and other restaurants by listing on the Hyper-local Search Engine, a great opportunity to improve sales, serve your customer base and scale up revenue ensuring greater sustainability.

        It’s so evolutionary, the delivery Apps can’t catch up.
        It has pro applications for vendors, that can transform the reality of online shopping.
        And you can use it to get online, orchestrate orders, maintain the fleet, and much more control.
        It’s the kimbosabe Hyper-local Search Engine.


        A Marketplace powered by the hyper-local Search Engine.

        kimbosabe supports the local businesses to get their store listed on the Hyper-local Search Engine using the vSpace Manager. Along with that, the stores as well get access to vPost Orchestrator to maintain and orchestrate deliveries.

        Once the order is placed by some customer after a search, the order will be assigned to a delivery agent automatically. The delivery agent will be managed by the vendor. This helps them to not only receive orders from their loyal customers but to also deliver them directly without any substantial costs or commissions.

        Transparency and evaluations

        Customers are not only bombarded with benefits from local vendors but also with the marketplace offerings. They have a marketplace to choose from a variety of products offered which helps to evaluate and make informed decisions regarding any particular purchase from any vendor.

        Reaping the merits of healthy competition

        As mentioned, customers get the most benefit of this innovative search model. It acts as an effective system that encourages businesses to improve the quality of their business efficiency, transparency, and relevant standards and practices. As a result, customers get the best quality of products or services at the best available price at any given location from local vendors.

        Think beyond. 

        Get your store and fleet online with kimbosabe and you are ready to serve your community.

        Join kimbosabe today and start orchestrating all your orders at just .$99c per order*. 


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