Pura Full Cream Milk 1L

Pura Full Cream Milk 1L




Energy is required for everyday living including all of our bodily functions — muscular activity, growth, muscle repair, concentration and fuel for everyday activity. Milk provides energy from high quality protein, slowly absorbed carbohydrate and fat.

Milk Protein

Cow's milk is recognised for providing high quality protein because it contains ALL of the essential amino acids that our bodies need in the right amounts.1,3

Protein is made up of amino acids. There are more than 20 common amino acids of which 9 are essential. In humans, different combinations of amino acids can make proteins that have very specific functions in the body. Protein is needed to make hair, nails, muscles and enzymes, for example!

All PURA milks provide the goodness of protein.

Whey protein

Cow's milk protein is made up of approximately 80% casein and 20% whey. Did you know emerging evidence suggests that bioactive nutrients in whey protein may play an important role in the immune system? Research which gave whey protein to people after strength training found that the amino acids in whey can help the post exercise muscle repair.


Carbohydrates are the most important fuel source of the body. The natural carbohydrate in milk is a sugar, lactose, which provides approximately 30% of the energy of regular milk. Lactose may assist with calcium absorption, particularly in infants. Lactose also has a low glycaemic index. There are small quantities of other natural sugars in milk (glucose & galactose) which also provide energy.

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