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        kimbosabe releases new shopping technology, the Hyper-local Search Engine

        As the need to get online & dependence on hyper-local delivery increases, bricks & mortar businesses (SMB) are looking for new ways to engage customers and create a more natural interaction with their products.


        One way to do so is using the 12-year-old less evolved, low tech delivery app technology to help pubs, restaurants, and café’s stay online, be productive, and create more meaningful sales but the unforgiving commission model is not healthy for the sharing economy.


        To help, the Bricks & Mortars of all size and especially restaurants in any longitude to latitude, our teams are launching restaurants online with the kimbosabe self-assist course and badge.

        The kimbosabe hyper-local vendor exclusive offering can help restaurants build voice-first experiences that create fun and engaging customer experiences, reach new users, and all of this with a way to make an earning just by streamlining access to the menu with the kimbosabe search engine.

        Kimbosabe hyper-local search engine is designed to make sure there no cost of getting online for any restaurants who will earn $3.50 per order for maintaining a robust delivery fleet based on growth.

        The kimbosabe search engine vendor portal includes latest hyperlocal-virtualization technology featuring all the tools you need from order to delivery and all deliveries are orchestrated by kimbosabe to provide vendor and their customer the fulfilled experience.

        After completing the partner onboarding, kimbosabe Partners who build the virtual restaurant will receive support from the kimbosabe support team including marketing for new partners, $500 worth customer coupons, and guidance on building with the Hyper-local Search Engine kit (HSET). Partners will also receive access to user interface (UI), and Hyper-local Search Engine, and a kimbosabe Partner policy review. When a kimbosabe Partner submits and launches their new store, they earn a digital kimbosabe hyper-local badge along with marketing support to help promote their new restaurant/pubs/café. Additionally, earning the badge includes benefits like new customer discoverability, marketing support, and the ability to participate in a roundtable with team members from kimbosabe Pre-Sales and Support. kimbosabe Partners can access the dashboard through the members-only portal.

        “The crux of kimbosabe is not just being a device-independent technology for the partners, yet to offer delivery orchestration with a revenue model for getting online, This we believe is an impactful addition to a robust hyper-local Search Engine.” – Neshok Sehar

        Get started with kimbosabe Hyper-local Search Engine

        Learn more about kimbosabe, the Partner startup accelerator designed to help restaurants grow especially a strong incentive to strive through.

        Want to know more about how restaurants are using kimbosabe to deepen engagement, improve customer deliveries, and make life easier for customers and themselves?

        Visit get.kimbosabe.com.au



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