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      Incase of Hacking or Malicious activities


      If you suspect that someone used your kimbosabe account or you see suspicious activity, your account may be compromised.

      Suspicious activity can include:

      - Order requests you didn't make
      - Completed orders you didn't request
      - Phone calls or text messages from delivery people about orders you didn't request
      - Receipts for orders you don't recognize on your account
      - Account changes you didn't make
      - Changes to your payment profile you didn't make
      - Password or email address updated without your knowledge

      If you're able to sign in to your account, we recommend resetting your password.

      How to reset your password:

      1. Go to "www.kimbosabe.com.au".
      2. On the top right corner click on "Sign On".
      3. Select "I forgot my password".
      4. Enter your phone number
      5. Receive a new password.

      If you're still unable to sign in to your account, please share your mobile number and details at [email protected]

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