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         How do kimbosabe Coupon codes work?


        What are kimbosabe Coupon CODES?

        kimbosabe offers special promotions to provide discounts on food orders. They will only be eligible on website to future orders in the same currency they were granted. For example, promo code from the United States of America or the United Kingdom won't website in Australia, and vice versa.

        How do I add a Coupon to my order?

        •  Log on to www.kimbosabe.com.au
        •  Select the product from your local restaurant.
        •  Add the product to your cart
        •  Go to the checkout page.
        •  Tap “Apply Coupon Code”
        •  Tap "Enter Coupon Code"
        •  Enter the code and tap "Apply"

        To apply specific promo code to an order, enter the code at the bottom of the checkout screen. This promo code cannot have already been added to your account. Note that coupons added after your order cannot be revived again once redeemed.

        The website will always use the promo code with the eligible coupon. A promo code's value will only apply to one order. If you have multiple promo codes, you can select your preferred promo code to apply to a specific order.

        Please note that credit is a bit different than a promo code. Credit is a monetary amount that is added to your account


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