Delivery Guidelines for Partners


With regards to Kimbosabe Community Guidelines, the standards below apply to orders and deliveries with Kimbosabe.

Proper handling of orders

Vendors are expected to meet all relevant licensing requirements and all other laws and regulations – including safety and hygiene regulations – and industry best practices and Kimbosabe policies. Vendors must maintain valid licenses and/or permits.

In the case of restaurants, many prepared foods are perishable and can cause illness due to mismanagement or mishandling. Such foods can be potentially hazardous if not maintained under the proper time and temperature controls prior to pick up.

To help ensure that order reaches Kimbosabe users safely, vendors are encouraged to seal packages in tamper-evident packaging ahead of delivery. Vendors are expected to act responsibly on information provided by Kimbosabe users.

The proper delivery of orders

Vendors may outline certain delivery guidelines that promote safety, adhere to regulatory guidance.

Deliveries by bicycle may benefit from a more specialised bag to protect orders from movement and weather conditions.

Deliveries should be executed safely and in accordance with relevant safety standards and any delivery guidelines. For example, don’t tamper with or open packaging during delivery which may pose a significant food safety risk for Kimbosabe users.

Alcohol delivery

Sellers of alcohol items are expected to meet all relevant licensing requirements and to follow all liquor regulations and industry best practices. Sellers of alcohol items must maintain valid liquor licenses and/or permits.

All orders that contain alcohol must comply with any applicable laws and restrictions on off-premise alcohol delivery and hours of service. Only Kimbosabe users who are the legal age to buy alcohol (18+), and are not intoxicated, can order and receive alcohol deliveries where available. Kimbosabe users will be asked to show government-issued photo IDs to verify age and identity when an alcohol delivery arrives. If the Kimbosabe user does not have a valid government-issued photo ID or appears intoxicated, the alcohol portion of the order will not be able to be delivered and may be returned to the seller at the Kimbosabe user’s expense. Kimbosabe users may not place an order that includes alcohol to be delivered to a public location where open containers are prohibited, or to any other areas where possession or consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law.

Sellers and delivery partners are prohibited by law from selling and delivering alcohol to Kimbosabe users under the local legal drinking age. Vendors and delivery partners are responsible for following local requirements for alcohol delivery, which often include asking Kimbosabe users to show their ID to verify age and identification, refusing delivery if any Kimbosabe user is underage or appears intoxicated and returning alcohol that is undeliverable to the merchant. Vendors may be asked to accept returns of alcohol items that are undeliverable for any reason.



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