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          Document Checklist to Become a Delivery Partner

          Required documents: Delivering by car, scooter or motorbike


          Profile Photo

          All driver-partners must have an approved profile picture on their partner account. The profile photo must meet the following requirements:

          • No hats or sunglasses (regular glasses and religious garments are accepted)
          • Cannot use a driver's license photo
          • Full face and top of shoulders
          • Good lighting
          • Only one person in the picture
          • The face is centred in the frame

          Front of driver's licence

          You'll need to hold a valid open Australian driver's licence for the vehicle type you want to deliver with kimbosabe. The licence must clearly show:

          • Your photo
          • Your name
          • Your address
          • The licence expiry date
          • The class as open (provisional licences are not accepted)


          Back of driver’s licence

          The back of your driver’s licence must clearly show:

          • Issue date
          • Expiry date
          • Date of birth
          • Update to address sticker (if applicable)


          Passport or birth certificate

          The passport or birth certificate must clearly show:

          • Legal given names (first name and any middle names)
          • Surname
          • Birth country
          • Birth state
          • Birth city
          • Gender
          • Date of birth

          If submitting a birth certificate, it must be Australian.



          The provided insurance certificate of currency must clearly show:

          • Your name as the policyholder or insured driver
          • Your vehicle details (registration, make, model and year)
          • A valid expiry date
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